Below are rules and guidelines to follow to be paid for activities earning and this rules will strictly start up this month,kindly go through it and read it all,and there’s no consideration if any member don’t follow the rules

New update for new members

  • You must have minimum of 3000 friends on your Facebook account to run our advert
  • You must tag minimum of 5 of your friends per sponsor post
  • You must have also have an Instagram page and must follow Mypaynews on Instagram
  • You must like our Facebook page Mypaynews Official
  • You must join our 2 Facebook groups Mypaynews Platform and also FORUM for update
  • For each sponsor post,you must use love❤️ reaction on each of the sponsor post
  • While sharing sponsor post,you must share the sponsor post to 3-5 groups
  • Any post posted on our page Mypaynews Official is a sponsor post and must be shared
  • You are only eligible to share sponsor post within 24hrs,any sponsor post shared after 24hrs is canceled
  • You must read the content of each sponsor post before you comment
  • Any single Comment like Best platform,done,ok,nice one,Yea is not acceptable under the sponsor post comment section
  • Any members who comment scam etc will be banned and his/her account will be deleted automatically without been informed
  • All new requirement save the customer care number to view update and chat the customer care to save yours too

Updated for existing members

  • You must have Facebook and have minimum of 3000 friends
  • You must have an Instagram handle and must follow Mypaynews
  • You must share sponsor post within 24hrs
  • All existing Members must react on each of the sponsor post and must use Love ❤️ reaction
  • Members must read the content of sponsor post before commenting
  • Comment like yea,done,nice,great etc is not allowed
  • Facebook profile settings must be set to everyone
  • While sharing sponsor post all members must tag minimum of 5 people
  • Any word/comment like scam etc will be remove and the member will be blocked totally
  • All exiting members must save the customer care number and chat them up to save yours

Having problem on how to share sponsor post? CLICK HERE

Having issue on how to set up your facebook settings to public? CLICK HERE

Mypaynews get revenue from the advert we make and our activities determine how viral our clients advert goes
We will pay student and basic package activities earning x3,while Medium and Gold package x2.5 and pay Diamond package between x1.5-2, payment might increase the fixed amount but wont decrease

And any members who do not following the above rules. Their account will only be active once they start meeting the above requirement.

NOTE:- Your activities start counting only when you follow the above rules

Referral is optional but the above rules must be followed to qualify for non referral/activities earning payment