How To Register A User/ How To Get Referral Link On Mypaynews


  • Login to your account
  • click on menu
  • Click on the V beside LOGIN/MY ACCOUNT
  • Some sub menu will show
  • click on AFFILIATE LINK
  • Scroll down you will see your username attached with our website name
Thats how to get your referral link


Registering a user on MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM is as easy as ABC

Below are the steps needed for registering new users on MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM

(1) firstly you have to purchase a coupon code from one of the vendors

(2) …. Login to your dashboard and copy your referral link from the beginning to the end and save it somewhere and make sure you log out

(3) …..clear your cookies and cache: This is a process that should be carried out before every registration is performed so that all your bonuses will add instantly without issues


  • open your chrome browser
  • click on the 3 dots/red and white arrow at the top right hand side of the browser
  • click on settings then click on privacy
  • locate and click on the clear all browsing history and data
  • make sure it is set on all time
  • then click clear data

(4) …..after you have cleared the cookies and cache……

(5)Paste your referral link on your browser and click enter,it will land you to the home page

(6)Click on menu,a list of option will pop up,stroll down and locate JOIN MYPAYNEWS

(7) Beside it you will find a V click on it it will show the list on packages we have,click on the package you paid for

(8) After loading,stroll down and click on ADD TO CART,it will load to the page to insert the coupon code

(9) …insert the coupon code and apply it then fill in the details of your prospect correctly……MAKE SURE YOU FILL IN THE SPACE FOR USERNAME AND PASSWORD and click place order
(10) …after placing order your bonus will add up and your prospect will be able to login

(11)And for your prospect to login successfully Click on MENU,locate Login/My Account,beside it there is a V beside it,click it,there will be some sub menu


Click on the affiliate,after loading scroll down and click BECOME AN AFFILIATE

You are done

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