Looking For The Best School Ever?



Looking for the Best School EVER?

WHITEOAK SCHOOL is one of the top schools in Lagos and it is our desire to be one of the top 5 best private schools in Nigeria.

At Whiteoak, we implement up to date strategies to engage and challenge staff to ensure we develop children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being, thus guaranteeing the best outcomes, for the children placed in our care. Whiteoak has high expectation of her staff as their development directly affects outcomes, therefore routine up to date training is mandatory at Whiteoak. We provide a high-quality blended curriculum consisting of approved Nigerian & United Kingdom curriculum delivered in a world-class learning environment.

We have made available resources to make the learning experience as informative and pleasurable as possible such as an up to date Library, computer, Arts & Science lab, music room, playground and pool. We spare no cost to maintain a decent teacher to pupil ratio thereby ensuring every child has adequate attention. Our environment creates a balance for the children, beyond academics we ensure the children learn valuable life skills and are happy and trained to have respect for the individual.

Location: Plot 118, Block 15, Jasper Ike Street, Lekki(Oniru)
Email: office@whiteoakschoollagos.com
Contact: 07046310631

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