Nigerian man who returned from Switzerland falls in love with his house maid, reveals his intention to marry her


It is said that love can be found in the most unexpected places and anyone can be hit by cupid’s arrow when the time seems right.

A young Nigerian man who recently returned from Switzerland, has found the apple of his eye in person of a house help who, about a month ago was jobless.

The lady was able to secure a job as a cleaner in the house of a neighbour to the Switzerland returnee.

On spotting her after his arrival in Nigeria, the man quickly knew he has found the one, so he approached her boss and hired her. Then few nights ago, he disclosed his intention to marry her.

The lady’s former boss shared the story on Twitter via his handle @Kaylechi_. He also expressed joy and happiness at the development.

@Kaylechi_ tweeted;

”At the beginning of last month, I came home one day to meet a lady at my gate. Asked her who she was and she explained she’s a cleaner hustling for jobs. I took her in, she discussed with my wife and we decided to hire her services.

Few days later….

My bachelor neighbor who just returned for Christmas from Switzerland met her, hired her and just last night while we were chatting, he mentioned he’d like to marry her.

He hasn’t told her yet but if she agrees to marry him, I’ll be the happiest person for them. Wow!!”

Read his post:

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