Hire a consultant to get professional advise  for 30mins, one hour etc..

30mins fee: 5,000 –  1hour fee; 10,000( Negotiable). We call you and gives you professional solutions on any of the below services areas.

                 Services Include

  • *Creative Director.
  • *Sound Engineer.
  • *Computer Engineer (Hardware and software).
  • *Entrepreneur, .
  • *Brand & Media Promotions Online,
  • *Director/Producer (Music / Ads & Movie).
  • *Blogger, Editor – Photo,Video & Audio.
  • *Website Designer and Graphic Designer *Professional Photographer.
  • *Professional Videographer.
  • *Social Media Promotional Manager.
  • *Motivational Speaker
  • After completing your Advert booking send your ORDER ID to us through our contact form and if someone referred you also add referral email or user name to enable him or her earn is referral bonus.


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