Refund Policy

The client may choose to apply for a refund of the payment made to Mypaynewsplatform, excluding any funds that have already been spent on advertising services by Mypaynewsplatform. The client can cancel the advertising services prior to the launch of the Ads campaign by notifying MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM in writing to If Mypaynewsplatform was unable to cancel the campaign prior to launch, Mypaynewsplatform shall cancel it as soon as possible. Any unsued advertising budget shall be refunded to the client within 30 days. If Mypaynewsplatform refuses to provide advertising services to the client for any reason, the advertising budget will be refunded to the client in full. If Social media or Google Ads does not approve the contents for advertising, the advertising budget can be refunded to the client in full, or alternatively the client can provide another contents to promote instead.