These Advertising Services Agreement / Terms & Conditions is for the use of MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM Website.

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement” or “Terms and Conditions”) is an agreement between MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM located at: 27 Benjamin street,eleyele,Ibadan, Oyo State and the Advertiser, based on the terms and conditions detailed below:

By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions in full. Do not continue to use MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM website. if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

By signing up with MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM and accessing this website, we assume you accept these terms and conditions in full. Do not continue to use MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM website if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page. The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and any or all Agreements: “Client”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person accessing this website and accepting the Company’s terms and conditions. “The Company”, “Ourselves”, “Avertiser” “We”, “Our” and “Us”, refers to our Company. “Party”, “Parties”, or “Us”,, refers to both the Client and ourselves, or either the Client or ourselves. This is a legal contract, so if you are entering into this agreement on behalf of a company, government agency, organization, or other legal entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity to these Terms. (In this case, “you” and “your” would then refer to the entity.)

We will not knowingly accept this agreement from anyone under the age of sixteen (16) years, or who lacks the capacity to understand these Terms. Neither will we knowingly collect their Personal Data or Information, as defined below. When you accept this Agreement, you are also agreeing to our Privacy Policy, which form part of these Terms.


You must be at least 18 years of age to use this Website. By using this Website and by agreeing to this Agreement you warrant and represent that you are at least 18 years of age. If you create an account on the Website, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account and any other actions taken in connection with it. We may monitor and review new accounts before you may sign in and use our Services. Providing false contact information of any kind may result in the termination of your account. You must immediately notify us of any unauthorized uses of your account or any other breaches of security. We will not be liable for any acts or omissions by you, including any damages of any kind incurred as a result of such acts or omissions. We may suspend, disable, or delete your account (or any part thereof) if we determine that you have violated any provision of this Agreement or that your conduct or content would tend to damage our reputation and goodwill. If we delete your account for the foregoing reasons, you may not re-register for our Services. We may block your email address and Internet protocol address to prevent further registration.

Provision of Advertising Services

All MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM advert is prepared and setup by the MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM ad team and including any alterations or optimisations done to the advertising campaign during the period of the campaign. The MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM ad team will set up the ads via the Social media and Google Ads platform etc, and define the target audience based on the criteria provided by the client in the campaign setup process on the website. The MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM ad team may make adjustments to the campaign in any way, that he believes will help to improve the performance of the campaign or reach a better audience, which in the advertisers point of view, is more suitable for the client. MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM advertising services are provided exclusively to adults, meaning individuals who have reached the age of 18 years. By using MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM services, you guarantee and confirm that you have reached the age of 18 years. MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM advertising services are provided exclusively to legal persons and entrepreneurs, registered in the manner prescribed by the law. By using MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM services, you guarantee and confirm that you are registered as a legal person in the manner prescribed by the law. MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM reserves the right to review and assess the client’s ad prior to setting up the ads. This is undertaken to ensure that your ad does not go against the social media and Google’s Advertising policies etc. In the event that the ad provided is going against social  media and Google’s policies etc, as decided by either us or the said ad service provider company, MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM ad team has the right to refuse advertising your content and will refund your advertising budget within 30 days.

Clients rights and obligations as part of this agreement

The client can cancel the advertising services prior to the launch of the ad campaign by notifying MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM in writing to If MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM was unable to cancel the campaign prior to launch, MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM shall cancel it as soon as possible. Any unsued advertising budget shall be refunded to the client. In the case of refusal of providing advertising services or if the social media or google did not approved any Ads for advertising, the client is entitled to receive a refund of any unused advertising budget. The client is obligated to ensure that he has the legal rights (including copyright of any content used in his Ads) to any Ads he wants to promote. The client is required to comply with MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM requirements as set out in these terms and condition as well as any legal requirements and intellectual property legislation for the advertising materials. The client shall provide any information required following MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM request to provide additional information in regard to the compliance of the clients advertising materials with the requirements of the current legislation. Upon MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM request, this additional information shall be provided within 48 hours. Client shall not amend or delete any ads that is about to be advertised or already advertised. Client shall not provide third parties access to their MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM account and/or any other information, including login and password, through which a third party can access the Advertiser’s account. The client is required to pay for advertising services 100% in advance prior to the start of the campaign. The client shall not advertise goods/works or services that contravene with the rules and regulations of Social media and google etc. The client undertakes not to abuse Service capabilities including technical capabilities, any other features of the Service.

Clients Warranties

The client warrants that his content complies with advertising policies of Social media or Google etc, as well as the requirements of the current legislation. The client warrants that the contents that’s to be promoted does not breach any third party rights or laws, including but not limited to copyrights and related rights. All settlements with the authors and owners of related rights shall be made by the Advertiser independently. The Client warrants that he has all the rights to the Advertising Materials. The client warrants that he has all the rights and powers necessary to enter into the advertising agreement with MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM , following the terms and conditions set out on this page. Client also warrants that he fully understands all the terms and conditions set out in this agreement and understands the consequences of entering into this agreement with MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM . In case the clients breaches the warranties or obligations set out in this agreement, the client shall reimburse all losses incurred by MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM .

MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM rights and obligations as part of this agreement

MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM ensures to provide advertising services to the client in accordance with the terms conditions set out in this agreement MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM provides advertising services to the best of their knowledge MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM reserves the right to cancel or stop your campaign at any time for no reason. Any unused advertising budget under your campaign will be refunded to you within 30 business days from the data of cancelling or stopping your advertising campaign. In case you do not pay for the advertising services provided, MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM reserves the right to cancel or stop your campaign immediately and until payment has been made. MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM may make adjustments to the campaign in any way, that MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM believes will help to improve the performance of the campaign. If you breach the conditions set out in this agreement, MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM reserves the right to immediately suspend its advertising services to you, by notifying you thereof, and also demand the full reimbursement (compensation) for losses caused by your breach. MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM reserves the right to temporarily pause or suspend its advertising services for technical, technological or other reasons that may prevent the provision of advertising services, for the period of time it may take to resolve any issues. MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM reserves the right to deny advertising services to anyone, without having to provide a cause or giving reason.

Costs and Payments for Advertising Services

By using MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM website, the client can calculate and determine the advertising costs themselves based on the desired number of view they would like to generate for their Ads. The cost for each advertising campaign is determined by the number of reach, views, engagement and download. The cost per view is predetermined by MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM based on industry averages and fixed in the system. MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM will only start its advertising services after full payment has been made. The client needs to pay 100% of the advertising budget in advance. All invoices for payments made are available in the Billings section of the clients account on the MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM platform. When you make payment for a Ads campaign, we collect, but do not store, your credit card number. When you enter your credit card number, it is sent directly to our Third Party payment provider, and bypasses our databases entirely. You agree that our Third Party payment providers and processors may collect and store your billing address and credit card information on our behalf, and that we may change our payment provider and processor at any time for any reason.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and Amendments to the agreement

This agreement is considered to be accepted by the client in full without any reservations and exceptions from the moment of signing up and creating an account with MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM . In case the clients wants to deny any of the provisions stated in this agreement, the client has no right to sign up with MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM to complete the registration procedure on the website and make use of the advertising services provided by MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM . MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM reserves the right to amend the terms of this Agreement or withdraw the agreement at any time, with out giving further explanation. In case the client does not agree with any changes made to this agreement by MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM after the client has already signed up with MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM , the client shall immediately cease using the advertising services provided by MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM and cancel the account. The client is solely responsible for any claims from copyright holders and other parties in connection to violations of copy rights in the advertising material. The client is responsible for the Ads content that the client is promoting via MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM to be accurate MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM makes no warranties as to the results (effectiveness) of advertising campaigns of the Advertiser.

Applicable law

Any disputes under this agreement shall fall under the law and jurisdiction of Nigeria. In the case of any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement, including non-performance or improper performance of the obligations under the Agreement, both Parties will use their best effort to resolve such disputes. If the disputes are not resolved through negotiations, both parties have the right to refer the dispute to a court in accordance with the current legislation of  Nigeria.

Dispute Resolution

In any dispute between you and MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM relating to this Agreement, the Site, or the Services, you agree that the dispute shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Nigeria, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. You agree that you will not bring a claim under or relating to this Agreement more than twelve (12) months from when your claim first arose.


If any portion of this Agreement is deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable by any arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction, such decision will not invalidate the Agreement as a whole. Only that portion that is unlawful, void, or unenforceable will be stricken from this Agreement.

Termination of the advertising campaign

The agreement may be terminated immediately: – Upon either party sending a notice to the other party not less than 10 (Ten) working days prior to the planned date of termination of the Agreement via email. – By mutual consent of the parties – On other grounds provided within this agreement.



  1. After joining MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM website and log in, you  can participate in any of our activity.
  2. Every member has a chance to make money every day, the day a member does not use, the chance is void.
  3. Members can refer friends to register or advertise with Pay Voices, members have unlimited referrals every day. The day the member does not use, the chance is void.


  1. Members mobile phone number, Mypaynews account, user names, and other information related to the user’s identity information, If any one or more of them are identical, similar or not valid, the platform will consider it to be handled by the same member.
  2. Banned members cannot participate in any of our activities.
  3. If the platform finds that members have violated the principle of honesty, the platform has the right to take measures such as revocation of activity qualification and reward, restrict of withdrawal, and clearing of account funds. The platform also has the right to recover the cash withdrawn by the member. Violation of the principle of honesty by a member includes but is not limited to: Members use illegal tools such as add-on and simulator to get rewards or withdraw them; Use the same mobile device to repeatedly register multiple accounts, disturb the order of the platform and other improper means. The platform shall not make any compensation for the losses caused by the above behaviours.
  4. You must be a MEDIUM, GOLD OR DIAMOND Member with Mypaynews to participate in our Ads package.
  5. If the activity is adjusted or cancelled due to irresistible factors, such as related policies, the platform shall have the right to modify or cancel the activity at any time without any illegal liability.
  6. During the activity, if member cannot participate in the activity or fail to participate due to improper operation of users of network failure in users’ area and other reasons beyond the control of the platform, the platform shall not be liable for any legal liability.
  7. About the referring aspect kindly know,if a member refer a down line,such member must put his/her referral through all the process and how the whole platform works
  8. The platform has the right to adjust and change the activity rules within the scope permitted by law. Related changes and adjustment will be posted on the activity rules page. Users who continue to participate are considered to agree with the adjusted or modified rules.
  9. Comment such as good,alright,ok,hmm,yea,yes etc wont be accepted under Mypaynews post anymore and ₦4 will be deducted from the dashboard
  10. Mypaynews can be having more than one sponsor post in a day on our page,while commenting go through the advert well before commenting if any comment go against the advert,Mypaynews have the right to delete such comment,such person will/might have issue during withdrawal time
  11. The customer cares have the right to read and message anyone we want to and also have the right to delete/block anyone we want to, reason are excess of message,using abusive word or harassment,video calling,voice call,sending of voice note. The customer care wont take it likely and we have the right to decide who to make call,video call and voice note with.
  12. Sharing of another link that is not of Mypaynews to our facebook group or page will result to total removal of such member from our facebook page,group and also on our platform here.
  13. Any advert our member see on our page and which to buy should kindly be careful and also to choose an open place to meet,test and observe it well before buying. Mypaynews wont be hold responsible if anything happens



We may employ third party companies and individuals to facilitate our Service (“Service Providers”), to provide the Service on our behalf, to perform Service-related services or to assist us in analyzing how our Service is used.

These third parties have access to your Personal Data only to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated not to disclose or use it for any other purpose.


Our Service may contain links to other sites that are not operated by us. If you click a third party link, you will be directed to that third party’s site. We strongly advise you to review the Privacy Policy of every site you visit.

We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party sites or services.

Hyperlinking to our Content

  1. The following organizations may link to our Web site without prior written approval:
    1. Government agencies;
    2. Search engines;
    3. News organizations;
    4. Online directory distributors when they list us in the directory may link to our Web site in the same
      manner as they hyperlink to the Web sites of other listed businesses; and
    5. System-wide Accredited Businesses except soliciting non-profit organizations, charity shopping malls,
      and charity fundraising groups which may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These organizations may link to our home page, to publications or to other Web site information so long as the link:

(a) is not in any way misleading;

(b) does not falsely imply sponsorship, endorsement or approval of the linking party and it products or services; and

(c) fits within the context of the linking party’s site.

If you are organizations interested in linking to our website, you must notify us by sending an e-mail to Support@MYPAYNEWSPLATFORM Please include your name, your organization name, contact information (such as a phone number and/or e-mail address) as well as the URL of your site, a list of any URLs from which you intend to link to our Web site, and a list of the URL(s) on our site to which you would like to link. Allow 2-3 weeks for a response.

Removal of links from our website

If you find any link on our Web site or any linked web site objectionable for any reason, you may contact us about this. We will consider requests to remove links but will have no obligation to do so or to respond directly to you.

Whilst we endeavor to ensure that the information on this website is correct, we do not warrant its completeness or accuracy; nor do we commit to ensuring that the website remains available or that the material on the website is kept up to date.


1. To setup payment details
2. Go to the Main Menu
3. Click on Login/My Account
4. From the dropdown, select payment details, put in your bank details and click save.


We reserve the right to modify this Agreement or its policies relating to the Website or Services at any time, effective upon posting of an updated version of this Agreement on the Website. When we do, we will post a notification on the main page of our Website. Continued use of the Website after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.

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